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What Templeton Patients Say About Natural Health Solutions

testimonialsIf you’re not one of the many people who consult our clinic from a referral, it can be helpful to hear what other patients say about their experience in our practice.

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

-Dr. Martha

Thank You

Thank you Dr. Martha.
~Cambria M.

Felt Like Part of the Family

Truly felt like part of the family. I’m confident that I will be well taken
care of.
~Sarah Y.

Highly Recommend

Love Dr. Martha! She is full of knowledge, wisdom, and kindness and highly recommended.
~Rita L.

A Helpful Team

Dr. Martha and her staff are amazing! Very nice and down to earth. Very helpful and all around great service.
~Alex K.

An Exceptional Experience

Everything about my visit was exceptional. It is a mark of excellence that information was volunteered, because I may not understand enough about a condition to ask appropriate questions.
~Bev K.

Wonderful Staff

All the ladies of this office are wonderful! Friendly and knowledgeable!
~Porcia S.

Improved Mobility

I have really felt continuous improvement in my spine and mobility. Thank you so much for sharing your gift of healing with others.
~Laura A.

A Positive Experience

I felt a very positive atmosphere as soon as I arrived, a feeling that continued throughout my appointment with Dr Martha.
~Robert H.

Successful Experience!

Overall pleasant and successful experience over my 5 visits.
~David F.

Dr. Martha is the best!

~Jennifer A.

Love the care I have received from Dr Martha.

When calling for an appointment Lisa is always friendly and helpful scheduling.
~Linda A.

It’s a great place! I would recommend to anyone.

~Elizabeth F

Highly Recommended

I like an office that feels good, looks pleasant, and provides creature comforts like jazzy water, helpful books, inspiring photos, and relaxing music. And, of course, it’s a given that the healers are actually healers who have the best interests of the patients at heart. The simplistic and visual demonstrations of how the body works are useful. The adjustments so far have been like butterfly taps, which is rather deceptive because they are basically moving mountains of locked muscle and bones. Attitude adjustments seem to be thrown in at no extra cost, which are a boon to those who may be having heavy duty challenges . I’ve never had a chiropractor who let me try out a pillow before purchasing it. ( And we do plan to retain it.)
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I can also personally endorse the supplements that are displayed. They are good brands, far superior to pharmaceuticals and a much lower price to pay ( not only in monetary price but that they do not cost the body to have the multiple side effects that other doctors seem to feel are acceptable.) It’s also the first time I’ve had a chiropractor offer a free class which was
educational, entertaining, and useful. P.S. If you have an Atlas problem like I do, you probably want to see someone like Dr. Martha because she really pays attention to the Xray, says what part she’s working on as she adjusts it, and listens to feedback on what is tolerable for the patient that day. Precision work is very important with something as intricate as the network of the neck. That was the main reason I was referred to Dr. Martha and why I chose to return on a regular basis. It’s become a family affair, since my husband has agreed to get some healing work done here, too.

~Kathleen H.

Enthusiastic & Passionate

I really appreciate the fact that Dr. Martha is very enthusiastic and passionate about what she does.
~Chloe S.

Positive & Relaxing

I have been a patient of Dr Martha’s for over 12 years. Not only has she helped my neck problems diminish, but she has helped me with nutritional advice and both my children as well. She is positive, and relaxing to be around. I feel truly blessed to know her and have her as a chiropractor and friend.
~ Eve L.

Wonderful Chiropractic Experience

I came in with a gift certificate I’d won. Never expecting to have the most wonderful chiropractic experience I’d ever had! Dr. Martha was attentive, supportive, warm & gracious — as was her great staff! I plan to return soon, I was given such personal attention. No matter at all that it was gratis to me! She covered all the bases and then some.
~ Robin S.

Helpful & Gentle

I want to thank Dr. Martha for all that she has done for me and my back. She is very helpful and a good friend. She is gentle with my back, doesn’t stop helping me until I am sitting perfectly straight, and my back ends up feeling much better. Thanks to Katy, Dr. Martha’s helper, as well. She is very nice and smiles a lot. I would highly recommend this chiropractor.
~ Luke S.