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Your First Visit to Our Templeton Practice

A typical first visit is a time for Dr. Martha to really get to know you, your family history, and the extent of your problem. It is a time to feel what we call the “Dr. Martha factor”…which can only be described as one of the first times in your life, where you feel your health care practitioner really listens and cares for you and your family’s needs.

Dr. Martha - history

You will be asked to fill out a basic introductory form for Dr. Martha to get the needed information about your health problems. You will then be escorted into the consultation room for history taking and examination with Dr. Martha. If , based on your examination findings, treatment is needed at that time, those decisions can be made together at that time.

If nutritional treatment is called for, the whole food supplements or homeopathy will be provided for you at the time of your first visit, with appropriate recommendations for frequency and instructions for use. First treatment expectations will also be discussed at this time, and your next appointment will be scheduled.